In February 1999, St. the Women with Children Transitional Center was opened. The program is a ten-family (women with children) facility for homeless women and their children. The Women with Children Transitional Center is a safe environment where women and their children may live for up to two years as she prepares to build a healthy home for herself and her family. The Center has a caring staff that utilizes the community resources to help each family achieve their personal goals. The Center provides a non-violent drug and alcohol free environment where motivated women can rebuild their lives. The philosophy of the Women with Children Transitional Center is growth through education, life skills training, substance abuse counseling and mental health counseling to empower women to become productive citizens upon re-entering the community. An Action plan is developed for each family member based upon specific needs. Some areas that may need to be addressed are substance abuse, counseling following history of physical and/or sexual abuse, training in parenting and other life skills.

Address: Program Director - Paul Goodfield
19 Jacobs St Phone Number - 860-585-9673
Bristol, CT 06010 Fax Number - 860-589-4970

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